Letter from Kenrick Mark (15th Edition)

Letter from Kenrick Mark

Dear Esteemed Readers,

On Tuesday morning, I woke up early again. I planned to go to the library by 10am so I can begin some reading. I had Oatmeal. I really loved it! I went to Sainsbury to purchase some groceries later on.

I must mention that on my first visit to Sainsbury (the day I arrived), while I was walking around the aisles searching the shelves packed with delicious food, fruits, meals, meats and cooking products, I came across a variety of water brands and types. I knew that I would never drink the tap water in London. I was afraid of my body reacting awkwardly (diarrhea) if I consumed tap water. Phylicia told me that she bought a water bottle with a filter, and she drank the tap water, and it was perfect. I looked at the various brands including Scottish Still Water, Mineral Water, Flavored Water, and many more. I didn’t know which one to select. My intuition told me ‘Still Water’. I made the right choice! I always bought 4 ‘four liters’ bottles. I drank water and used it for making oatmeal, cornflakes and as needed.

I purchased packed bread, muffins, orange juice, whole milk, water, chocolates and a few other stuffs. I never purchased meats as it’s not my fancy. I would eat a piece of chicken at random occasions. I dropped the groceries off at home. I also decided to turn off the little white refrigerator in my room. I realized that the fridge in the Kitchen was huge, and there was enough space for me and my three flat mates. I’m an environmentalist, and conserving electricity usage is optimal on my agenda. I was really relieved when I turned off my personal fridge! Later on in the year, I met some other school mates, who disagreed with my ‘fridge’ non-use. They said that they would have stored beers and drinks (smiling). I went back out. I didn’t go straight to the library.

I went near the Cutty Sark Ship area. I saw many people talking and walking around. I noticed many people in ‘suits’ (of course, those who worked in offices probably around the Greenwich area) was having lunch bowls, sitting on the cemented walls of the gardens (equally used as a bench). They were having sandwiches, and enjoying the Greenwich skyline, the birds flying above, and the quick grey blue splashes of the River Thames. I was enjoying my stroll too, watching the many London-ers enjoying an ease of work (well lunch hour only), and of course, the amazing sandwiches and lunch bowls, and the Sunny day (much welcomed in England).

I walked into Marks & Spencer and toured around the store. I saw many prepared foods, some cheap rice dishes (which can be microwaved), tons of fruits and vegetables, breads, pies and cakes, and drinks galore. Interestingly, many of the prices were at least 1 pound sterling more than Sainsbury. I bought some cookies and breads. I love breads. When I was growing up, I always dreamt of visiting a bakery with all kinds of breads, cakes and sweet pies. When I walked into Sainsbury for the first time two weeks ago, and today again, at Marks & Spencer, I was duly impressed — the ‘bakery’ dream came true. My eyes opened wide, looking at the various types of breads — regular white bread, whole-wheat bread, seeded breads, sweet breads of all shapes and sizes, cookies, cakes, pies. They looked tempting!!! I enjoyed my cookies first. Then, the bread later on. Many people in ‘suits’ — bought sandwiches and juices from ‘M & S’, as it is known locally in Greenwich, and across the U.K.

I had my laptop and school bag on me so I went directly to the library to do some reading. I was on the ground floor in a relaxing, comfortable chair facing the walkway beside our library. The simplicity of nature and seeing the outside world while studying prompted me always. It pushed me to another level. I was reading, and trying to understand the notes for the upcoming Social Media & Media Relations class with Professor Mudra. I listened to the chit-chatter of fellow students around me, some were going up the elevator, some were walking down the library with Starbucks Coffee, others were reviewing books on the shelves in the center. I felt a hand touched me on my shoulder. I turned around, and saw Serena and Luna. They arrived early too, as we had to discuss an assigned group project. I think we spoke more about our personal lives, our move to London, and our home countries more than the project (smiling) during the meeting. We spent a little over an hour in the library.

Serena told us she was hungry! So, she encouraged me and Luna to go with her to search for some wholesome food. I packed my bag and we walked out. Of course, we had to use our ID cards to swipe the entrance machine to exit the building. The entrance doors was also ‘sensored’ — they opened as we neared it. How awesome! We walked down and saw a Pizza restaurant, but the sign said ‘dinner only’. Serena took out a cigar, lit it and started smoking (I laughed). She noticed that I had on slippers, and asked if my feet were cold. I told her ‘no’. The weather was cool, not bizarre snow cold. We kept walking towards school turning near a Jaime Oliver Restaurant. Many people were inside. We looked at the menu board. Serena noticed the prices were very high. We couldn’t afford that restaurant. So, we walked to school, hoping to find something to eat on Campus. That’s when Luna remembered there was a ‘Nandos’ on the River Bank area.

It was my first time at Nandos. I did walked by and looked at it before, though. We stood at the entrance way for a while, until a waiter ushered us to a table. She was very hospitable! We got a table in the center of the beautifully decorated room. It was greatly African inspired, I thought. I was impressed with the designs, the paintings, the lights, the chairs and tables, the atmosphere, the ambience, and of course, the River Thames view, added to the Skyscrapers beyond. Before this though, we ordered at the counter. Serena and Luna guided me when ordering as I was a fresher! I got a Crispy Grilled Chicken, French Fries, & Coleslaw Plate, and a glass of Apple juice. I paid with my card. We also selected our Peri-Peri sauce. I chose mild. Serena and Luna chose Lemon Pepper and hot flavors. That was one of the best afternoons ever! We talked, laughed, ate, had fun! Our bellies were stuffed!

Serena and Luna introduced me to a restaurant that I returned to again and again, and have highly recommended to anyone I knew going to England. Later on, my friend, Sharon from New Zealand mentioned that it was a ‘South African’ Restaurant Chain. Serena and Luna asked me if I enjoyed the meal, and I said, ‘of course!’ We walked back to University.

I’m quite exhausted for tonight. I will continue my journey in a next edition of Letter from Kenrick Mark.

Sincerely yours,

Kenrick Mark

Chairman, The Kenrick Mark Coleman Foundation ~ British Chevening Scholar ~ MA Public Relations, University of Greenwich, London ~ Holistic Conversations ~