Letter from Kenrick Mark (27th Edition)

Letter from Kenrick Mark

Dear Esteemed Readers,

Professor Kristen taught us more concepts on critical analysis. She explained the article thinking grid in details. She also had a presentation on ‘Understanding Stakeholder — Rhetoric & Practical Presentation Skills’. Some in depth topics discussed included Rhetoric, Contemporary Relevance, Aristotle’s tools of persuasion, rhetorical figures, Cicero’s 5 arts of rhetoric, voice, gesture, & posture, and body language and power posing. I paid keen attention as she laid out the principles of a perfect presenter/presentation. I have done many presentations in the past, and now see where I can make improvements, in the near future.

Professor Kristen always asked us questions, and we tried our best to provide the most tactful answer. She also gave us the opportunity to ask questions, and many times we do. I think Inge, Bianca & Silvia were our ‘well cultured’ classmates, who was always asking a follow up question or a clarification question. It was an excellent session! We went down on the elevator (four at one time). I walked home.

I had some cornflakes. I still didn’t find powdered milk at the stores, so I was using the whole milk. I was tired of oatmeal already. I was tired of McDonalds fast food too. I went to M & S to purchase a package of white chocolate chip cookies. It was reasonable — two pounds fifty pence a pack. I think the package had 10 freshly baked cookies! While I was walking back to my room, I saw some homeless men sitting in the corners, near McDonalds. I had 10 pounds on me, and decided to give one of them. His eyes opened wide when he saw the donation. He said ‘thank you’, and had a smile on his face. I hope he used it to purchase food. Another time, I will provide assistance to the next two men. I swung around and decided to take a walk on the river shore. I know they might be homeless shelters around London, so I’m not sure why they don’t join them?.

I even sat on a bench. I looked behind me and saw all beautifully designed bricked wall apartments, some with yellow or white lights on, and some in complete dark. There were a few trees growing in the yards. I’ve been to this area many times during the day (well, just walking by). The wind was blowing slightly, and cooler. I can feel Winter nearing in. I sat comfortably on the bench, eating my white chocolate chip cookies. I saw a night party boat cruising by. I heard European music — and heard people celebrating! I am optimistic that they were having a special night drinking liquors, dancing, and having fun! Later on in the year, I saw many more party boats, going up the River Thames. The lights at Canary Wharf were a rainbow effect on the shining glass panels of the sky scrapers. I heard conversations around me on various topics — work challenges, school academics/papers, memories, parties, rent, dogs, and loads more. The wind was really getting ‘cool’ — colder than the day. I think I enjoyed my cookies more while I’m out here in the entire community ‘drama’.

I went back to my room. I chatted with a few of my former university classmates. I also spoke to a few CEOs (of national institutions) in Belize. They always asked about life and studies in the UK. They even encouraged me to seek a career opportunity in the UK if I could. I started skyping with my comrade Ben again. He always checked up on how I was doing, and provided advice sometimes. He always told me stories of his life growing up, and his travelling opportunities.

I went to sleep around 1130pm. There were a few nights that I worried somewhat — about my academic work. I even dreamt of it! I spoke to my Chevening brothers and sisters, and they said it’s natural. They advised me to keep a schedule and relax when possible.

During the morning, I went to library — reading, researching, doing assignments. I went to Alacosta Coffee for Lunch. I had a delightful vegetarian pasta! I had Coffee Mocha too. Having lunch at Alacosta Coffee is like eating with your family at home. It’s small, cozy, and the hosts are warm. Some guests even chat with each other sometimes (across tables). They usually have around three lunch specials for the day. That Asian lady can really cook! The combination of the vegetables — tomato, zucchini, peppers, olives, mushroom, and onions topped on a bed of pasta with soothing gravy was AMAZING! I highly recommend this to anyone visiting the UK.

The huge green screens and cameras were back at University today. Many long trailer trucks (I guess they were changing rooms for the actors, and also used for carrying equipments) were parked in the corners. Camera directors were given instructions to the actors, while the camera men were moving accordingly. There were many people on the side taking photos. It’s looks like a different movie was being filmed.

Media Relations & Social Media session was in the late afternoon, and we had our first presentation.

I’m quite exhausted for tonight. I will continue my journey in the next edition of Letter from Kenrick Mark.

Sincerely yours,

Kenrick Mark

Chairman, The Kenrick Mark Coleman Foundation ~ British Chevening Scholar ~ MA Public Relations, University of Greenwich, London ~ Holistic Conversations ~