Letter from Kenrick Mark(66th Edition)

Kenrick Mark Coleman
3 min readMar 10, 2021


Letter from Kenrick Mark

Dear Esteemed Readers,

I woke up around 8am on Saturday morning. I arranged my room, then vacuumed the floors. I also cleaned my bathroom. I showered after, and went to Lewisham. It was always a busy time on weekends at the train stations. People of all ethnicities (Asians, British, Europeans, Caribbean-ers, Africans, et al) were either boarding the DLR or coming off (heading to their respective destinations). The train journeys were a hallmark of my tenure in England. It was a first for me! I credit my Chevening sister, Andrea for teaching me how to properly use the system. In late September/early October, she visited Cutty Sark Maritime Greenwich, and helped me. While I waited until (about) two weeks (after my first time on a train) to use it again, I kept using the DLR, Central, Bakerloo, Circle and Jubilee lines on a daily and/or weekly basis. I grew to love riding the train visiting different historical locations in the city. There were views of skyscrapers, beautiful, well kept homes and lawns, the Thames, and many other scenic views.

I arrived at Lewisham and used my card to ‘tap’ out at the exit/entry machine. I walked down to the mall, where I went to purchase three sausage rolls and an apple juice. I noticed that one of employees at Greggs resembled Caribbean heritage/ethnicity. I never asked if he was from this region though. I sat on the bench outside the Greggs outlet. There were a few others, older British men and women, a lady with some kids, some were eating breakfast rolls too. I walked over to the market later, it was always full of color, food, fruits, seafood, breads and many household items, both used and new. I bought a basket each of pears, apples, and bananas. The basket contained 8–10 of each fruit. I loved supporting the farmers at the Lewisham market. I also strolled around the other booths, looking at the displays and food on sale. In Belize, I never visited the market in our district town. Visiting markets in London and purchasing products on sale was also a first for me. As an observer of all people, scenarios and ongoing activity, I felt the farmers and vendors bravery and self-regard to sell their produce/products. I was happy to be a part of this process. My parents own a prominent restaurant (with tourists as 99% of its clientele) in Belize. It was established in 1994 and I have helped in the operations from since then. As independent business individuals, I observed moments of success, challenges and failure. This helped me to value the farmers and relative vendors at the markets in Lewisham and around London.

I also visited the Pound Store to buy snacks (chocolates and Biscoff cookies were priority) and toiletries. After this, I walked up the street, then jumped across to Primark. I went to scout some clothing. I purchased a few t-shirts. I love going up on the escalator at Primark Lewisham. However, I grew to dislike having to walk down the steps after I finish shopping (smile).

I walked back through the busy isle-way between the markets and mall. They were many stores selling phones, eye glasses, clothing, et al. The fish market area was always pungent. I didn’t like passing there.

I took the DLR back to Cutty Sark Maritime Greenwich. I arrived to a super busy street, as I walked up the train station escalator. The pub downstairs my student halls was already filled with happy customers, enjoying conversations, beers, and food.

I barely saw any students in the courtyard or in the stairway. I believe everyone was at university, library, or visiting a locale in London or greater England.

I packed my fruits and other items. I was tired, and decided to watch movies. I also skyped with my comrade from Belize City, and then my family in Toledo.

In the evening, I went to the library, to do some reading, and stayed until late.

I walked home in the gaily lit streets of Greenwich. It was a revelry of music, chatters, bottles knocking, and good cheer!

I took a shower, and went to sleep.

I’m quite exhausted for tonight. I will continue my journey in a next edition of Letter from Kenrick Mark.

Sincerely yours,

Kenrick Mark



Kenrick Mark Coleman

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