Letter from Kenrick Mark 74th edition

Letter from Kenrick Mark

Dear Esteemed Readers,

I was really worn out from my Saturday trip. I slept until late on Sunday morning, and felt all sluggish the entire day. I woke up, relaxed in bed, and opened my windows for refreshing air. I checked my emails, and relative communication platforms. I created my first LinkedIn account and profile that day. Our Professors Mark and Mudra related the importance of this professional platform for us as current postgraduate candidates (then) and of course, the utilization of the platform for networking, talent development, communication and leadership, et al. I started with essential information input onto the profile, and continued writing my achievements, education, activities, awards, research, et al during my Christmas break. I was keyed up to meet professionals in public relations, diplomacy, and the many related careers to be literal. I was enthusiastic to discover the features of the platform too, to advance my foundation’s efforts in the greater London, UK, and then, European community. To me, LinkedIn is a ‘working’ Curriculum Vitae, because it allows you to add, revise and/or remove your information. Besides being a ‘working’ CV, it allows you to meet new people, read their profiles of achievements/research/education, and have conversations with them. I remember sending connection requests to many individuals, from the ‘People you may know section’ and then, those that I would randomly see while viewing other profiles or our newsfeed. Honestly, (in my view — based on my experience) 90% would accept your requests, and if you began a conversation with (perhaps) 10 of them, only 7 would response, and even further, only 3 would have full conversations (discussing ideas, issues, careers, et al). I was truly happy to meet wonderful professionals, and kind-hearted citizens from across the world — Europe, the Americas, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa. I had immense conversations with many, and some Belizeans I met on LinkedIn, even visited me at my home in Big Falls, Toledo (post-Chevening).

I spent most of my morning and early afternoon in my room, focused on creating my LinkedIn profile. I showered around mid-afternoon, and went for a walk. Oh, it was a swamped street! Tourists were flocking the area. The pub downstairs was filled to capacity. I saw dozens of beer mugs on the tables, and merry British people having candid chats, laughs, and rare hollers. I had to push through a crowd while walking through the McDonalds pathway. There were a few times I stopped on the side, and waited at least 10 minutes for the crowd to disperse (either going into the DLR station or continuing their walk). There was always a party at the Cutty Sark ship arena. It was truly a Christmas event with Food Trucks, and a ‘merry — go — around’ with ‘play animals’ for children to ride on. I usually walked and looked around, indulging in a true tradition of London’s many little glamorous moments. I am writing my experiences in 2021, and I can vividly imagine my Chevening journey in the UK. I sat at one of the concrete half walls (used as a bench by many), and enjoyed the very cold climate, the people passing by, and all the view.

I then strolled down through our university’s mid-pathway. I went to Alacosta Coffee. The famous, home-styled coffee shop was a bit busy than usual today. Thankfully, most individuals were ordering food and coffees to go. I found a table in the corner, and waited my turn. I ordered a hot chocolate, biscotti, and a slice of chocolate cake. I always enjoyed every second at Alacosta Coffee. The hosts were warm, and many of the customers talk with each other. They always inquired about my tenure in London, both academically and socially. I walked back home an hour later.

I went online and skyped with my family. After a full session with my family, I messaged my comrade in Belize City. We spoke for a while. Actually, he was in Florida, on Christmas Vacation.

I went to watch cooking shows for an hour, then fell asleep.

I’m quite exhausted for tonight. I will continue my journey in a next edition of Letter from Kenrick Mark.

Sincerely yours,

Kenrick Mark



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Kenrick Mark Coleman

Kenrick Mark Coleman


Chairman, The Kenrick Mark Coleman Foundation ~ British Chevening Scholar ~ MA Public Relations, University of Greenwich, London ~ Holistic Conversations ~